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  • The Greatest Cava in Karditsa!   -   Address: Vasiardani 10 & Plastira (corner)

    Our Cava is from a historic family in the wine world. In the "WHO WE ARE" menu, watch family Sfetsios chronicles!
    Cava Sfetsiou is located nearby the "Market Center" of Karditsa (see aerial photo, right). Distribution network in more than 400 businesses of the prefecture!

  • Great Variety of Wines & Drinks!   Friendly service!   Bargains Prices!

    Wide range of local and foreign Wines, Drinks & Wine Baskets for gifts, Wine BOX packing, Magnum Wines, Raki-Ouzo, Great variety of Beers, Whiskey & Drinks, Beer Barrels, Vodka, Champagne & Dessert Wines, Liquors, Soft Drinks, Juices, Accessories, local Raki & more ... Always Fast Delivery!

  • Wine / Drinks Baskets   for Gifts & Celebrations!   Choose the best for your loved ones!



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  • For the Holidays, is valid
    the continuous Shift
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